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What is the use of Carving Knives?

What is the use of Carving Knives?

One of the most essential hand tools for any kitchen including a commercial kitchen is a knife. A kitchen knife is important in most if not all food preparation methods or tasks. While there are general purpose knives that can be used to accomplish the different tasks of a knife, there are also specialized knives. The specialized knives are designed to be able to accomplish a particular task in an effective and efficient manner.

One of the specialized knives is the carving knife. The carving knife is at times referred to as a carver or slicer (slicing knife). Carving knives are employed for the purpose of carving slices that are thin and uniform from cooked poultry including turkey or chicken.Carving knives are also important for slicing large meat roasts. Furthermore, carving knives are also occasionally used for filleting fish that is very large. The perfect way for you to envision the use of carving knives is for you to think of slicing the Sunday meat roast or carving the turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner or Turkey Day.

Design of a Carving  Knife

The carving knife is able to achieve its function or purpose because it has a thin long blade and a pointy tip. This makes the specialty knife ideal for cutting large meat pieces into thinner slices.It is essential to understand and appreciate that while the length and size of a carving knife are beneficial in carrying out some tasks, it is not ideal for tasks that are smaller like mincing or cutting vegetables.

The blade of a carving knife is thinner when you compare it to the chef’s knife. I compare it to the chef’s knife because many people use it as a substitute for the carving knife. The chef’s knife has a blade that is wide and as such a large surface area is in contact with the poultry or meat. This leads to the production of a drag resulting in the impeding of the slicing and the knack to produce slices that are uniform and thin.

A carving knife blade should be long and this will make it possible for you not to have to as much saw the knife back and forth. The carving knife should be long enough to incorporate hams,turkeys or large roasts. It is advised that the carving knife that you purchase or use is longer than the item that is the largest that you are planning to slice.

The sharp point of a carving knife will help you to be able to get around and into joints as you are carving. The sharp point of a carving knife is also useful for working around bones when you are carving meat.

Modern Carving Knives

A modern carving knife sometimes has indentations that are large and shallow along the knife’s sides.Such knives are usually referred to as Granton knives or scalloped edge knives. The indentations on a knife help in reducing resistance and thus make it possible to make slices that are easier and thinner.

In conclusion, with so many varied types of knives available in the market,choosing the best for a particular task can be daunting. It is therefore important that you understand the different varieties of knives available. A quality knife that is designed for the task at hand will greatly improve productivity in the kitchen and provide results that are better.