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Food Trailer FAQ’s




What do I need to operate a mobile food vending vehicle?

You will need a food licence if your business is handling food for sale. Before you operate your mobile food business, you will need to obtain a Food Registration Certificate from your local council.

Most of the time if you are attending any event or street trading on any public premises, you will require to get a permit or licence from the local government. It is always the best to contact the local council in which you plan to operate the food trailer and enquire about the requirement of the licencing as each local council have very different legal requirements.

How long does it take to have my trailer?

Cannot wait to start you own mobile food trailer business? We have pre-build unit that already fitted in with all the equipment you need and ready to go. They are all brand new and complied to all Australian Standard.

We also do custom build trailer base on your request. From outlook and interior design or layout, we can custom made anything you can think of. The building time will depend on your project scope in this case. We can estimate the build time when you place an order with us. During the period, we will always keep you update and send you some photos or videos during the time, make sure you are updated.

Just keep in mind, manufacturing a food trailer is like a project, there are many factors that may cause delay. We will always try to do our best to avoid these.

What kind of equipment do you provide?

We are one of the first company in WA which carry different brands of equipment and supply food trailers. We can source any equipment according to your requirement. However, some of the manufacturer do not cover the warranty on mobile environment. We have already sourced the equipment that can use in mobile food trailer for you. Please feel free to talk with our friendly sales team for further information.

We can also get your own equipment test and installation by licenced gas plumber, however there will be a fitting and testing fee. You may also need to confirm whether the manufacturer will cover the warranty if they equipment is using in a mobile trailer. HKN will not able to cover the warranty for your own equipment.

Do you provide finance?

We understand how important cash flow and working capital are to your new business. That is why we also provide rent to own option* in order to helping you to kick start your own business. The rent to own finance is to pay a weekly rental up to 4 years. You may need to check with your accountant but lease payments are 100% fully tax deductible in most cases^.

At the end of each year, you can buy out all, or some, of your equipment. At the end of the term you can own it for just $1.

Please feel free to talk with our lending specialists for any further enquires. Call or chat with them online anytime between 9am and 6pm.

Do you have WARRANTY on your products?

Equipment fitted and supplied by HKN will come with its own manufacturing warranty. Each piece of equipment has different warranty terms, please check with our sales team.

For equipment supplied by customer, HKN will not able to cover the warranty. Please confirm with your equipment supplier before purchase.

Proper maintenance is very important for your vehicle and your business. So it is very important to look after you equipment and clean it frequently according to the user manual. It will help to save your cost in long term and make sure you will have your gear ready for next events.

*Subject to credit assessment. Offer refers to four weeks deferred payments. A.C.N 603303126 Pty Ltd is the lessor and service provider and reserves the right to withdraw or vary the offer at any time. Please see Terms and Conditions for full detail.

^Tax deductions may apply. Please seek independent legal, tax, or accounting advice. See your tax adviser for details.