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Induction Cooktops

Commercial Induction Cooktops

Get one of the most powerful and efficient kitchen equipment today – induction cooktops

Browse our benchtop induction cooktops ideal for small-duty cafes, catering businesses or restaurants. Induction cooktops are excellent commercial cooking equipment Perth, which are energy-efficient so it saves you money and time. They offer precise temperature control so over- or undercooking is nothing you have to worry about. Our induction cooktop, commercial electric cooktop and commercial gas cooktop range guarantees easy and safe cooking for your business.

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CookTek MC2500 Induction Cooktop

RRP : $3,000.00 +GST

$2,520.00 +GST

$3,000.00 $2,520.00

CookTek MC3500 Induction Cooktop

RRP : $3,250.00 +GST

$2,700.00 +GST

$3,250.00 $2,700.00

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