z Commercial Microwave Ovens in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Microwave Ovens

Commercial Microwave Ovens

High-quality microwave ovens for exceptional cooking speed and efficiency

We stock a great range of commercial catering equipment like microwave ovens to ensure you will find the model, style and design to suit your professional cooking needs. Many professional restaurants rely on microwave ovens with multiple options these days to cook as efficiently as possible. HKN also supplies commercial combi ovens and commercial convection ovens with multi-functional use.

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MenuMaster DEC14E Heavy Duty Microwave Oven

RRP : $2,077.00 +GST

$1,745.00 +GST

$2,077.00 $1,745.00

MenuMaster RFS518TS Medium Duty Microwave Oven

RRP : $2,456.00 +GST

$2,063.00 +GST

$2,456.00 $2,063.00

Browse our wide range of light to medium-duty microwave ovens to find the right model for your individual catering needs. We are certain to have all cooking equipment what you are looking for at great, competitive prices in West Australia especially in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah.

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