z Commercial Dough Sheeters in Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Dough Sheeters

Commercial Dough Sheeters

Discover our assortment of affordable commercial dough sheeters and other commercial baking equipment at HKN, the best restaurant equipment Perth company. We offer the perfect dough sheeters and commercial dough rollers for your baking business across Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury.

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Maestro Mix PS450BT Dough Sheeter

RRP : $5,992.00 +GST

$4,136.00 +GST

$5,992.00 $4,136.00

Maestro Mix PS520BT Dough Sheeter

RRP : $6,050.00 +GST

$5,022.00 +GST

$6,050.00 $5,022.00

Maestro Mix PS520FS Dough Sheeter

RRP : $6,677.00 +GST

$5,542.00 +GST

$6,677.00 $5,542.00

Maestro Mix PS620FS Dough Sheeter

RRP : $7,892.00 +GST

$6,550.00 +GST

$7,892.00 $6,550.00

We supply excellent baking as well as cooking equipment Perth to all bakeries, cafes and restaurants in Australia. Find out more about our wide range of commercial pizza ovens, trolleys and commercial electric convection ovens you would need for your bakery or restaurant.

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