z Salamander Benches in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Salamander Benches

Salamander Benches

Australia’s affordable stainless steel salamander benches.


Our inexpensive stainless steel kitchen equipment Perth features the latest salamander benches and are therefore perfect work stations for your restaurant. HKN is delivering quickly commercial catering equipment to Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury and other cities in WA.

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Simply Stainless SS18.0900 Salamander Bench

RRP : $953.00 +GST

$751.00 +GST

$953.00 $751.00

Simply Stainless SS18.7.0900 Salamander Bench

RRP : $1,132.00 +GST

$893.00 +GST

$1,132.00 $893.00

Not only our salamander benches, also our commercial over-shelves and corner benches are made out of the finest high grade stainless steel, perfect for your cooking needs.

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