z Commercial Overshelves in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Commercial Stainless Steel Overshelf

Australia’s strongest commercial stainless steel overshelves.

The stainless steel kitchen equipment Perth by HKN includes a wide range of finest stainless steel over shelves, commercial kitchen cabinets, trolleys, commercial kitchen wall shelves and more. These high quality stainless steel catering equipment are available across WA and is easy delivered to Perth, Bunbury, Mandurah and other major cities.

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Simply Stainless SS12.1200 Over-Shelf

RRP : $340.00 +GST

$281.00 +GST

$340.00 $281.00

Simply Stainless SS12.1500 Over-Shelf

RRP : $372.00 +GST

$294.00 +GST

$372.00 $294.00

Simply Stainless SS12.1800 Over-Shelf

RRP : $496.00 +GST

$391.00 +GST

$496.00 $391.00

Simply Stainless SS13.1200 Over-Shelf

RRP : $473.00 +GST

$373.00 +GST

$473.00 $373.00

Simply Stainless SS13.1500 Over-Shelf

RRP : $552.00 +GST

$435.00 +GST

$552.00 $435.00

Simply Stainless SS13.1800 Over-Shelf

RRP : $705.00 +GST

$556.00 +GST

$705.00 $556.00

We supply our commercial cooking equipment Perth and counter top equipment like commercial meat slicer and mincer with only the best brands to your food business such as Simply Stainless, F.E.D, Bromic, Exquisite, Culinaire, etc.

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