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Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Silver Chef Finance in Perth | Western Australia

Silver Chef Dealer in Perth

Finance your equipment with Silver Chef and HKN

We know that setting up or renovating a restaurant, commercial kitchen, bar, café or starting a new business from scratch can be a very exciting and rewarding experience but also an expensive exercise.

The SILVERCHEF, (RENT-TRY-BUY) 1 Year rental alternative is perfect for business owners who want to free up their finances, avoid Director’s Guarantees, and give themselves the ultimate finance flexibility.

After the first 12 months you have a choice of options:

  • If things haven’t worked out as you expected, hand the equipment back. No questions. No penalties.
  • You can upgrade your equipment.
  • Or you can buy the equipment outright.
  • Or if you want to continue renting after 12 months that’s fine too, Silver Chef will simply continue to reduce the purchase price.
  • You can purchase at any time and the price just gets cheaper.

It’s your choice. You just can’t get this level of flexibility when you buy or lease equipment.

The great thing is, if you do decide to purchase your equipment, Silver Chef will happily rebate 75% of the rent you paid over the first 12 months towards the original equipment purchase price, Awesome.


Benefits of the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy® Solution include:

  • Low weekly rental repayments.
  • The chance to free up your valuable working capital.
  • The ability to try before you buy.
  • Peace of mind from knowing you’re not stuck with equipment that isn’t perfect for your needs.
  • The ability to add further equipment as your business grows.
  • A 12 month agreement – don’t get locked into a long term lease.
  • The nett cost of funding after tax deductions is 7%.
  • No directors’ guarantees, so you don’t have to put your house on the line!
  • Rental payments are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Renting is off ‘balance sheet’, meaning it doesn’t affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion.
  • Furthermore our application process is simple and obligation free.

See all the commercial kitchen equipment that you can rent.

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