z Commercial Wok Burners in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Commercial Wok Burners

Top-quality wok burner units for Asian style cooking needs

A commercial wok burner is essential to handle all of your Asian restaurant’s cooking needs including stir-frying. At HKN we stock an excellent restaurant equipment Perth range of Goldstein and other market leading brands of commercial wok burne

rs. We provide waterless single, double and triple wok burners to cater for your specific catering needs and provide top commercial deep fryers.

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Goldstein CWA1 Waterless Single Wok

RRP : $4,017.00 +GST

$3,414.00 +GST

$4,017.00 $3,414.00

Goldstein CWA2 Waterless Double Wok

RRP : $5,562.00 +GST

$4,616.00 +GST

$5,562.00 $4,616.00

Goldstein CWA2B2 Waterless Double Wok 2 Side Burner

RRP : $6,808.00 +GST

$5,651.00 +GST

$6,808.00 $5,651.00

Goldstein CWA3 Waterless Triple Wok

RRP : $7,828.00 +GST

$6,497.00 +GST

$7,828.00 $6,497.00

Goldstein CWA3B2 Waterless Triple Wok 2 Side Burners

RRP : $9,064.00 +GST

$7,523.00 +GST

$9,064.00 $7,523.00

LKK-1B Waterless Single Wok

RRP : $2,995.00 +GST

$2,516.00 +GST

$2,995.00 $2,516.00

LKK-1B17L Waterless 17″ Single Wok

RRP : $3,100.00 +GST

$2,604.00 +GST

$3,100.00 $2,604.00

LKK-1BC Waterless Single Wok

RRP : $2,995.00 +GST

$2,516.00 +GST

$2,995.00 $2,516.00

LKK-2B Waterless Double Wok

RRP : $5,100.00 +GST

$4,233.00 +GST

$5,100.00 $4,233.00

LKK-3BC Waterless Triple Wok

RRP : $6,500.00 +GST

$5,395.00 +GST

$6,500.00 $5,395.00

HKN has the most competitively priced range of restaurant equipment Perth and offers the most affordable Chinese wok burners and commercial noodle cookers & steamers ideal for your Asian restaurant in Perth, bunbury and Mandurah. Find out more about our large range of commercial food processors, commercial dough mixers and more and visit our warehouse.

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