z Commercial Steamers & Noodle Cookers in Perth, Mandurah & Bunbury
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Steamers & Noodle Cookers

Commercial Steamers & Noodle Cookers

Bun steamer, food steamer, steam cooker, gas pasta cooker and steam cooking accessories

If you’re looking to speeden up the cooking process for your restaurant, food steamers are a necessary piece of hospitality equipment. Commercial steam cookers create hot, humid air, which allows food to cook quickly without losing flavour or colour. Browse through our selection of food steamers, accessories and check out our commercial chinese woks to find the right Asian commercial cooking equipment for your cooking needs.

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Baron 7CP G400 Gas Pasta Cooker

RRP : $4,400.00 +GST

$3,740.00 +GST

$4,400.00 $3,740.00

Birko 1130002 Steam Cooker

RRP : $393.64 +GST

$348.00 +GST

$393.64 $348.00

Frymaster 8BCSC Pasta Magic Electric Cooker

RRP : $11,654.00 +GST

$10,488.00 +GST

$11,654.00 $10,488.00

Frymaster 8SMS-SC Pasta Magic Electric Cooker

RRP : $16,513.00 +GST

$14,861.00 +GST

$16,513.00 $14,861.00

Goldstein FRG-1P Gas Pasta Cooker

RRP : $5,047.00 +GST

$4,189.00 +GST

$5,047.00 $4,189.00

Roband MP18 Pasta Cooker

RRP : $994.00 +GST

$883.00 +GST

$994.00 $883.00

HKN does not only supply the best steamers and noodle cookers or commercial woks, we also take care of your restaurant fitout Perth and café fitout. Check out our reliable service and discover also our large range of commercial refrigeration and commercial bain marie In Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah.

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