z Commercial Kebab Machines in Perth, Bunbury and Mandurah
Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Catering Supplies in Perth
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Kebab Machines

Commercial Kebab Machines

Electric gyros grill, kebab machines, battery kebab slicers and electric kebab slicers

A commercial kebab machine and kebab slicer is essential to handle all of your kebab restaurant’s cooking needs. We proudly offer top-quality products from Royston, Roller and other market leading manufacturers of commercial kebab cooking equipment Perth. Choose between battery-powered or electric kebab slicers  depending on your business’ needs.

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FlameMaster FM-KK4 Electric Kebab Slicer

RRP : $850.00 +GST

$802.00 +GST

$850.00 $802.00

FlameMaster TTFM-G4 4 Gas Burner Kebab Machine

RRP : $2,080.00 +GST

$1,841.00 +GST

$2,080.00 $1,841.00

Royston 4BIVR-B 4 Gas Burner Kebab Machine

RRP : $2,592.00 +GST

$2,203.00 +GST

$2,592.00 $2,203.00

Royston KS-BATT Battery Powered Kebab Shaver

RRP : $704.00 +GST

$564.00 +GST

$704.00 $564.00

Royston KS-LV Low Voltage Kebab Shaver

RRP : $745.00 +GST

$633.00 +GST

$745.00 $633.00

With our kebab machines, you can create the most delightful doner kebabs across Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury. From lamb to tender beef, we have the right commercial kitchen equipment for meat like our commercial meat slicer and commercial combi ovens with different options to cook the meat.

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