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HKN Monthly Specials

Hospitality and Kitchen Needs Pty Ltd (HKN), we are a locally owned and run company who pride ourselves on supplying affordable and quality commercial kitchen equipmentThis month at HKN we are offering up to 40% OFF selected products, get in quick to grab a great bargain.

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Acequip 1500 W Square Cake Display

RRP : $5,690.00 +GST

$4,552.00 +GST

$5,690.00 $4,552.00

Snowman BG2230 S-Steel 4 Glass Doors Bench Fridge

RRP : $3,355.00 +GST

$2,684.00 +GST

$3,355.00 $2,684.00

Snowman CS-1200-B3 Square Cake Display

RRP : $4,980.00 +GST

$3,984.00 +GST

$4,980.00 $3,984.00

Snowman CS-1800-B3 Square Cake Display

RRP : $6,280.00 +GST

$5,024.00 +GST

$6,280.00 $5,024.00

Congratulations, you removed the management of the hotel. You are now a certified chef, but just wait for a second! Have you ever given an idea of ​​the next? After obtaining a degree, you should plan to start your own, perhaps open the articulation of your dinner or dinner at a Mexican restaurant, but hesitate, where to start? However, to open any fist restaurant requires commercial kitchen equipment. These include commercial dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators, food containers, agitators for wire racks, food processing equipment for baking ovens and hot water bottles.

Before you go any further and buy kitchen equipment for advertising, you need to think about some important points. To begin with, you need to think about what dishes your customers will serve and that they will buy commercial kitchen equipment. If you return items that specialize in non-vegetarian, then you need to use the storage device as a freezer, and if so, cooking vegetarian dishes such as sandwiches, then you must have two cutting machines. This kitchen equipment must be made of stainless steel to prevent rusting; they are more hygienic and easy to clean and maintained. It can be easily cleaned and therefore avoid any bacterial infection.

When he opens his restaurant, usually with a limited budget. That’s why we need to make sure that the drop in commercial kitchen equipment is in the preview of your budget. Therefore, you should buy from well-known suppliers and manufacturers who give a discount on the volume of sales and purchases, not to mention the sales of the gap. If you are engaged in the extravagant purchase of commercial kitchen equipment, you can take care of other expenses that must be taken at the opening of a first-class restaurant. If you buy from reputable manufacturers, you will receive a guarantee that will help fix their computers if they work during the warranty period. Thus, you will save a lot of money and operating expenses, since you will find products of good quality durable and reliable, high quality and last some time. I tell you, the kitchen equipment that serves the food served is beneficial in cooking, which ultimately provides a time management system, as well as excellent service and an excellent customer.

You have the opportunity to buy online and use significant discounts, as many online stores offer kitchen utensils of gifted commercial rates. You can also take it to your restaurant for free. You can even find several friendly websites that offer discounts to hydrants on each computer, I never could imagine. These online stores also give you the opportunity to chat online with customer support to answer all your questions and help get the right equipment for your commercial kitchen in the restaurant.

When buying commercial kitchen equipment, you need to make sure that all surfaces that come into contact with food are stainless steel. Stainless steel is your best choice, not only because it is much more hygienic but also easier to clean and maintain. You should look at the details of the kitchen equipment and make sure that the parts that come in contact with the food can be easily divided and either cleaned by hand or safely in the dishwasher. Thus, there is no risk of contamination with food bacteria on the equipment, because you could not clean all the corners and cracks.

Remember that launching a restaurant is a complex and sophisticated task that requires careful study of the market and the development of well-designed furniture and furniture of your kitchen with a suitable professional kitchen.

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